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We Are Officially Closing from VC:MP!

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Dear iNsomiacs and rest of all the respectable VC:MP Players and community members, today is the day we are taking a decision which of course was very difficult for us to take. We are officially closing Team iNsomniacs clan from VC:MP today. This means that Team iNsomniacs will no longer be represented as clan in vc:mp and hence won't be recognized as a clan in any sort of clan events from now on. The Clan applications shall also be officially closing today as well.

We took this decision after a lot of consideration involving the current situation and the probable future events. Primary reasons include little or no activity from the majority of clan members both in game and on forum primarily because of their real life issues and distractions and also the lack of interest for the clan and the game itself. This isn't something we can personally object regarding as it's related to one's own interest and dedication itself.

Though Team iNsomniacs will be closed as a clan from VC:MP, it still shall be running as a community/group outside of vc:mp which means that both the discord server of iNs along with its forums shall remain intact and as they are. 
Having said this, it means that the original clan owner(s) possess a complete authority on the matter of re-opening the clan in VC:MP depending upon the future events.

We would like to thank all of our members, excluding the blacklisted ones, who remained with us throughout this incredible journey while also thanking all of our past members and all of the other community members who expressed their support and respect for us. 

Yours Sincerely
Management - Team iNsomniacs

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