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Joining Application - KaKaChi^

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Full Name: Badreddine.

In-Game Nick: KaKaChi^

Previous Nicks (if Any): =NK=KaKaChi^ =KK=KaKaChi^.

Age: 17.

Country: Algeria.

Timezone: GTM - 1.

From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: Starting Since 2015.

Previous Clans: NK KK

Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: NK Closed / KK Closed.

Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: I like that clan Since he made I Have apply 3 Apply in That Clan But Denied I want Join That Clan For Help My Friend For any thing Want Give me a Chance and Accept my App Iam playing with all Clan Members From Servers and Iam Playing With IBEE and Maniac and Others From Server EG Then Please Give me A Chance and Accept my app I will do any thing they Want 👍.

What Will You Give To This Clan?: Help in Wars and Help Clan Members.

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You see, i have a very good memory. See this: 

<#600601360278487040> (600601360278487040)”


Since You again showed your never-changing attitude, here's a twist.


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