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Full Name: Abdul Sattar/Abdul Sammad 

In-Game Nick: ReborN

Previous Nicks (if Any): SkillsTesT, ShadoW, RainboW

Age: 18

Country: PakistaN

Timezone: GMT+5

From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: i'm playing vcmp since 2013

Previous Clans: CF, KF, DS

Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: KF = there weren't majority of members and KF members was inactive it was hard for me to spend my life with them 
DS = it was closed, CF = it was closed

Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: iNs is one of the old and official clan of this community, and members are friendly and enough mature to teach juniors that how act in vcmp i like their attitude teamwork ingame and deicde to spend my vcmp life with them

What Will You Give To This Clan?: i'll stay loyal to this family and won;'t disapoint you nd give a chance to anyone to feel ashamed having me in INs if i get a chance.

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A negative vote from my side. And if you're going to ask why, think about it yourself because you know why.

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