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  1. Thanks Mirza Bro and Thanks Anish
  2. I left iNs because i was demoted for stupid reason. I had asked the leader which team should we join for vice war. We agreed on Red Team after telling everyone to register, he tells me to change it to Blue Team because MD's are in Red. I didn't agree at first he told me he will leave the clan, then he demoted me and told everyone. I wasn't a good leader so i left. Ibee is aware of this situation. Later on when i applied in VU, i dmed Wilson on me being in PL. He told me to chose, i gave him an explanation why PL is my priority. He ignored it and removed my rank on forum, he called me out on VU discord that why haven't you left and blabla. Seeing not getting any support from my fellow VU clan mates and being treated as a stranger i left. Thanks everyone for the positive votes
  3. wdym? if it's a No. Could you please state the reason, so i can know what is it i am lacking to be in iNs.
  4. Full Name: Mohammad Fassie In-Game Nick: Deadshot*PL Previous Nicks (if Any): fassie (Sky-City ), CyberHunter (Sky-City), lol, mr.pakistan, mafia_boy, Chocolate, [TF_R] Chocolate, [AK]Chocolate, (PRO) Chocolate, (PrO)Animal, (PRO)BLADE, iNs.Deadshot, DeadSlayer, DeadlyGamer, [VU_T]Deadshot, Yeetus Age: 21 Country: Pakistan Timezone: GMT + 5:00 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: Since Feb 12, 2012 Previous Clans: Professional Gangsters (PRO), [iNs], and VU Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: After joining some other severs in 2012, I met a guy called Hammas who introduced me to TF, after two months in his clan he told me to join 'PRO' clan lead by (PrO)uSmAn. After my nine months in PRO clan, The leader got inactive and for quite a time. I was the only member active and the leader had left due to college. I joined iNs in 2018 cause my cousin invited me and then things didn't go out well. Basically we used to play in VCCNR , So when i got the invitation, I thought i could lead a clan but i was wrong. (more info here.) I left VU because they weren't happy when i told them that PL is my priority and they weren't welcoming after that so i left. Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: I think it is a community, and its better than the old one. I like Ibee's vision i wanted to join back. I was scared because of the experience, i had with the previous iNs. What Will You Give To This Clan?: Loyalty, Unity, and i will try to work out of my routine to help. If i can teach the members, I surely will in anyway.
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