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  1. Denied. Try to increase your popularity and repute within the community, play in game with us so we can know u better. Feel free to re-apply after a month
  2. Are you just joining The clan just because you are looking for friends? Will You show loyalty towards the clan if you become a part of it? Please elaborate.
  3. You see, i have a very good memory. See this: “KaKaChi^#6459 Content FUCK OFF TO THIS CLAN Channel <#600601360278487040> (600601360278487040)” Since You again showed your never-changing attitude, here's a twist. DENIED!
  4. Denied. Work on your attitude, increase your level of maturity and improve your level of loyalty. Feel free to re-apply after a month.
  5. @Thor* Kindly refrain from posting on someone else’s app until or unless you yourself are the member of the clan. If You have something to share, kindly DM instead of posting on other person’s app.
  6. No problem, take your time. Nothing such as disappointment involves in this. The final decision regarding your app will take some time, so kindly be patient.
  7. @KaKaChi^ From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?
  8. @Thor* From How long You have been playing VC:MP ?
  9. Thank You for applying here, Your application is under discussion. Kindly have some patience.
  10. A clan is never needy of members, all it wants is that its all members, whether new or old, show loyalty to it. Thanks for Applying here, Your App is under discussion. Please Have some patience.
  11. Sup Guys, Good to see things getting along as they were before.
  12. Full Name: In-Game Nick: Previous Nicks (if Any): Age: Country: Timezone: From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: Previous Clans: Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: What Will You Give To This Clan?: (copy and paste the above format in your application and fill out the details accordingly, applications that do not follow this format would be instantly denied)
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