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  1. I loved it, I want saw that application, but if we focus on my joining, it will be better
  2. -First , I didn't join VU or UF. -Secondly , you all do not introduce me to this. I am here. I want to join this clan to save this name in VC-MP.
  3. okey I play in vks from which you are banned you can ask my country people like [email protected] logic bninin
  4. thank you for voting ... but I want to know when I will end up joining because I think they are not active
  5. Full Name: In-Game Nick: royal Previous Nicks (if Any): Darkkiller sky sparow Age: 18 Country: tunisia Timezone: GMT +1 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: I've been playing VCMP since 2018 Previous Clans: I was not in any clan Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: I was not in any clan Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: iNs is a really respected VC:MP clan. I really like this clan, specially the way the clan members interact, they're really helping. I even have friends here. I think it'd be a good time being with such a respectful and one of the best clans of VC:MP. I love interacting and working with the players in multiplayer games, the clan would give me a platform to increase my interactivity and would help me in improving myself. What Will You Give To This Clan?: I can contribute my activity, skills and my hard work. I can invite more players to this clan. I will be loyal to this clan. I can assure you guys I will be loyal and I will try my best. I'm hoping to get ''co leader'' rank here.
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