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  1. Full Name: M Daniyal In-Game Nick: Daniyal*PL Previous Nicks (if Any): Dani*PL, Daniyal Age: 21 Country: Pakistan Timezone: GMT +5:00 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: Since 2018 Previous Clans: I didn't Joined any clan before. Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: I didn't Joined any clan before. Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: Well, I really would like to be part of iNs clan. The clan has a good reputation in community, as well as skilled players which gained my attention, They are consoling, friendly and helpful. So i decided to be a part of this family. What Will You Give To This Clan?: I will be honest.I will always be avalaible for my clan mates whenever and wherever they need me. i will always corporate with my clan members. I will corporate my clan fellows with my loyality and my skills. I will make myself proud of this clan.
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