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  1. I go with a negative vote. As I've seen that you don't have any patience after applying. Well basically, if you can't be patient you can't be an iNsomniac. I wish you a better Luck ahead.
  2. A negative vote from my side. And if you're going to ask why, think about it yourself because you know why.
  3. A big yes from my side! A really nice and helpful person. +1 for Full Member.
  4. +1 you're a nice person.
  5. Full Name: Anish Baxi In-Game Nick: Anish87 Previous Nicks (if Any): N/A Age: 17 Country: India Timezone: GMT +5:30 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: I started playing in 2014-15, then I left around the end of 2016 and joined again in mid 2018. Previous Clans: haven't been in any Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: haven't been in any Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: iNs is a really respected VC:MP clan. I really like this clan, specially the way the clan members interact, they're really helping. I even have friends here. I think it'd be a good time being with such a respectful and one of the best clans of VC:MP. I love interacting and working with the players in multiplayer games, the clan would give me a platform to increase my interactivity and would help me in improving myself. What Will You Give To This Clan?: I can help in inviting more and more deserving, faithful and eligible members in the clan. I'd love to work with the best players and would love to help in everything they need, anytime they need. I will give my best efforts to the gang. To improve the gang (although it's flawless) and to improve myself through the gang.
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