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  1. Kiki and AkolytReal has left the clan. BlackEagle has joined the clan as Apprentice. Regards,
  2. Its a No this time. Get to know everyone then apply.
  3. Application under discussion. question: Your previous nicknames?
  4. Application is being discussed privately, Will get to you shortly.
  5. Denied. Our private voting has decided to deny this application. Please read the following points and re apply after a week. Be mature and act like it as well. Dont spam everyones DM for something, you can ask something by asking them once. Dont be overconfident. Work on your English skills as well. Bottom line: We dont need pros here, we need mature and open minded players. Cheers.
  6. Denied. As most of the votes are negative and other clan members are busy due to there personal issues. Please be active then apply. Cheers.
  7. iNs.D.E.[[V]].I.L [iNs]iBEE_tH3_RuL3R*PL iNs.Ammara iNs.MirZA [iNs]BLacKEaGLE iNs.KeN*PL iNs.Deadshot*PL iNs.Anish87 iNs.Feliks iNs.KeN iNs.Xobert BLACKLISTED MEMBERS: Ronnie/Duke VorTeX
  8. Am here to state that @Ammara and @MirZA has been promoted to Full Member. Also @KingOfVC and @iNs.o.MaNiaC^ has been promoted to Apprentice Member. The promotions are given due to there loyalty to the clan although ronnie was manipulating everyones mind but you guys stood strong with me, and helped me re built everything that ronnie destroyed. So heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to all of you.
  9. Here you can find announcements regarding iNsomniacs clan.
  10. You can post anything or talk about anything here. No nudity/porno allowed.
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