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  1. No! you need to work on your English as well as communication skills I' dont see any improvements in you since your last application. Better luck next time. Maybe I change my vote in the future!
  2. Neutral for now. Need to observe some things
  3. Yar ye wese post bhar haney ka acha scene he xd mje bi aesa krna chaiye tha xd
  4. You have cleared my doubts. Changing my vote to @Apprentice
  5. Can you tell me in detail why you left VU and iNs? And what can you contribute to the clan?
  6. why are you so happy? I voted no for you? oh shet who edited my post?
  7. I know you from a quite long time now and your application convinced me enough to let you in. Beginner!
  8. Ken^

    iNs app

    Giving you a chance, yes by me, Good luck with other votes!
  9. Ken^

    iNs app

    Ya still didn't answer to my question
  10. Oh yea I remember you. Are you Guffy right? Anyways but I haven't seen you improving yourself, and you dont play any official servers you just only play Vks, try to spend more time with iNs members and try to improve your English, grammer and also communication skills. i think you were denied in iNs for the same reasons before. No by my side. Maybe better luck next time.
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