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  1. I don't see a point in why VU's feel insecure about not getting "PRIORITY" but lets just keep it there. The reason , you mentioned above, clearly states your views. I know you from quite a long time now, mature person with good attitude and game play "Apprentice" For a fresh start. Best of luck with other votes.
  2. So here you are, ked, xD. Played with you several times in game and had a lot of fun. Decent and mature person with good in game skills. 'Beginner' from my side For a new and fresh start. Best of luck with other votes !
  3. Firstly, as ibee stated, your app isn't written in correct format, and you should have written it / corrected it using the correct format, which you didn't care to do. Secondly, it lacks most of the information as you didn't answer some questions. Plus i don't know you and never seen you playing in game. No from My side for this time. Good Luck with the other votes.
  4. This is something that i oppose. You applied in a clan and ask the members to tell or hold a discussion of any issue in DM/Private chat, instead of waiting for their decision on forum (here). Your app doesnt look convincing either. No from my side this time. Good Luck with other votes.
  5. Don't know you. No from my side, Plus you need to improve your communications skills.
  6. Know You from quite a long time Now. Skilled person with good attitude .Also know the reason you left the clan for. Beginner From my side. But i expect more from you. Dont Let us down ! Best of luck with other Votes .
  7. No Efforts made in application, No proper answers, Lacks Majority of info. Dont know you. No from My side
  8. Good Person with good attitude. However, your application lacks some detail, it doesnt look convincing enough. Neutral for now .
  9. Decent application. Convinced me enough to give you a chance. Beginner From my side. Good Luck with other votes. (P.S meet me in-game, when you'll play)
  10. Thanks Man, Appreciate you guys
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