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  1. Sorry guys but the thing is that i'm going inactive because of my school coaching.Actually i live in hostel but i might you guys after i came back. If you can accept me with inactivity than it's fine and i'm sure i'll be back after 1 month or maybe more because after coaching i will have exams in school and it will take some time to back to game again. I'm really sorry for disappointing you.
  2. Hey wait when you joined F2 and WK? You just joined FF and another day you left it and then you applied for KF as applicant in KF you made your own clan. It clearly say that you're a clan hopper nothing else. Sorry for posting here but i just inform you about him.
  3. Once i get accepted, i will show my loyalty and i've been never in clan before just in gang and still didn't broke loyalty and gang got closed. Firstly i choose RF clan but when i applied they closed the clan and after that i was being clanless and i joined vcmp i've never been in clan and i was just in gang ' ZALIM ' but i got closed or i don't know what happened to it, well you were talking about loyalty. Since i didn't joined any clan before and i was in gang i didn't left it gang was for 4 months or maybe less from it. After that i gone for little inactivity then back again and one gang member told me that it's closed so i just removed gang tag. Well, the point is that i will be loyal and won't betray the clan.
  4. No, I mean if war happens i will try my best and will not leave you until war end.
  5. Full Name: Ali Khan In-Game Nick: Thor* Age: 17 Country: Pakistan Timezone: GMT + 5 Previous Clans: RF but it got closed. Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: I just applied for it and it got closed another day. Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: As clan is in need of members so i decided to join it and help to gain it reputation. What Will You Give To This Clan?: I will help in Wars and by giving respect to seniors.
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