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  1. KingOfVC


    It not good thing when you come back to vcmp, instead greeting you with simple 'welcome back', but opening same server with gamemode. It not like i dont want challanger, but using dirty way to challange is not fair. But anyways, after my 2 server get establish in few month, i will try to seeking new challange.
  2. KingOfVC


    I decide to leave clan. Since i need to forcus on upcoming server (RTV 3 and [censored]), also being wasted spot for few month and make some members angry (you guy really hate me?), Thank you for accept me in this clan. For now i will stay clanless.
  3. Kat & King Cops and Robbers Server Info IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/jY52kZZ Forum: http://cnr.pl-community.com Features - Classic Cops and Robbers mode. - Survival style gameplay, while cop hunting robbers, robbers can hunt other civilian/robbers for cash and items. Survival items such tools, consumer items can be found on 24/7 around city. - Property system, the more people buying items from your property, the more cash you will get. ... and many more features
  4. ok, just let you know this is not other clan like caring about k/d ratio or skills, we playing for fun and this is family, we need to know each other. Now my question is: Are you going to stay loyalty after accepted? Why you choose this clan? Hope to hear from you soon.
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