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  2. Your App is being denied. You need to work on your English skills as well as your patience along with maturity. Plus you were constantly bothering the clan members by messaging them again and again regarding your application. That shows how impatient you are. Kindly work on the above mentioned points and try again after a month.
  3. In what i dont have Patience Bro can you explain me?
  4. I go with a negative vote. As I've seen that you don't have any patience after applying. Well basically, if you can't be patient you can't be an iNsomniac. I wish you a better Luck ahead.
  5. Under discussion. Have some patience please.
  6. Full Name:Masab Kh In-Game Nick:Mr.Moon Previous Nicks (if Any):Fizz,ReXton,Dark hunter Age:14 Country:Pak Timezone:GMT+5 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: 2017/8 Previous Clans:SDS,FF,VK Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans:SdS For join ins,FF No Reason,Vk Less Members Why Do You Want To Join iNs?:Thats a good. it is my favrite clan.i like all members of it .in this clan my freinds are here What Will You Give To This Clan?:I didin't think about it
  7. Well, Denied and Locked, As per request.
  8. I'm not ready lock my clan application.
  9. A negative vote from my side. And if you're going to ask why, think about it yourself because you know why.
  10. Neutral for now. Need to observe some things
  11. Hey there user! Your application is under discussion.
  12. Full Name: Abdul Sattar/Abdul Sammad In-Game Nick: ReborN Previous Nicks (if Any): SkillsTesT, ShadoW, RainboW Age: 18 Country: PakistaN Timezone: GMT+5 From How Long You have been Playing VC:MP?: i'm playing vcmp since 2013 Previous Clans: CF, KF, DS Reasons For Leaving Previous Clans: KF = there weren't majority of members and KF members was inactive it was hard for me to spend my life with them DS = it was closed, CF = it was closed Why Do You Want To Join iNs?: iNs is one of the old and official clan of this community, and members are friendly and enough mature to teach juniors that how act in vcmp i like their attitude teamwork ingame and deicde to spend my vcmp life with them What Will You Give To This Clan?: i'll stay loyal to this family and won;'t disapoint you nd give a chance to anyone to feel ashamed having me in INs if i get a chance.
  13. Accepted as an "Apprentice" Many congratulations and Welcome back to the family!
  14. Yar ye wese post bhar haney ka acha scene he xd mje bi aesa krna chaiye tha xd
  15. Thanks Mirza Bro and Thanks Anish
  16. Apprentice. Known from a long... Good friends indeed. Well trusted person and a good person.
  17. Yes for apprentice.Goodluck with other votes.
  18. You have cleared my doubts. Changing my vote to @Apprentice
  19. I left iNs because i was demoted for stupid reason. I had asked the leader which team should we join for vice war. We agreed on Red Team after telling everyone to register, he tells me to change it to Blue Team because MD's are in Red. I didn't agree at first he told me he will leave the clan, then he demoted me and told everyone. I wasn't a good leader so i left. Ibee is aware of this situation. Later on when i applied in VU, i dmed Wilson on me being in PL. He told me to chose, i gave him an explanation why PL is my priority. He ignored it and removed my rank on forum, he called me out on VU discord that why haven't you left and blabla. Seeing not getting any support from my fellow VU clan mates and being treated as a stranger i left. Thanks everyone for the positive votes
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